Why I created Aloha Happy Wear

aloha change fulfilment happiness hawaii ho'oponopono inspire journey life changing motivation positive vibes positivity

As I come to an age where legacy is important and for me mainly motivational legacy I decided I had to leave my children a positive story so that in a changing world they will never forget that they are capable of doing everything they want as hard as it may be.

Our World is full of negative vibes and we are confronted with these vibes every day (news, work pressure...etc) and has never been as true as the last 2 years with COVID-19. Negative vibes are overwhelming but as long as our hearts beat they will always be hope and we need to spread positivity and happiness. If the law of attraction is what it is there is no wonder our society is hit with many challenges as we send out so many negative vibes...

In the summer of 2018 I read a book about the Hawaiian philosophy of Ho'oponopono. This has inspired me to create Aloha Happy Wear... a way to say no negativity and yes to positivity and possibilities. You should know that nothing destined me to get in to this business as I originally studied Hotel Management.

Aloha will change my life by always remembering to spread positivity and it is sometimes easier said then done in these challenging times. But Aloha will also change the life of the people around me. 

We all have a little place of paradise in us. We all know that in that place we would be happy. So it is possible, we are not doomed to be demotivated, sad or unhappy although the environment does everything to convince us that is our burden... join the journey to reconquer your happiness and show it to the World. 

Mahalo to join the movement and I look forward to hear your stories and share many more stories with you in the following days. I will tell you more about the meaning of Aloha, our path and our journey at Aloha Happy Wear