spreading HAPPINESS



be ALOHA...

Aloha... spreading Happiness starts within

What does Aloha mean?

Aloha is probably the most used word in Hawaii. Commonly people think it means hello and goodbye but it expresse much more, like love and affection. Aloha is a concept that goes beyond what any dictionary could explain. In Hawaii you will hear Aloha all the time and you will be treated with Aloha everywhere.

The Aloha spirit

Literally Aloha means “the breath of life”. It is a way of life, a way to treat others with respect and love. It’s meaning encourages us to start by loving oneself and to spread our love to others. It means not only hello but I see you, I know who you are and respect it. According to the old kahunas, living up to the spirit of Aloha is a way to achieve perfection and happiness.

So why Aloha?

Our apparels have been created with respect of the Aloha Spirit. As mentioned “spreading Happiness”, the designs have been made to spread positive vibes. They are the perfect present for your loved ones, your family, your friends … but if you want to respect the cycle the first person you should offer it to is the first people you should treat with love and respect … YOU.

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